A Performance Review that Exceeds Expectations

We’re entering into our review season here at Life.Church, and we know January is a popular review time for other churches as well.

Develop.Me, our app for promoting year-round staff growth, may only be two years old, but we have extensive support and training developed to help you understand how to maximize review season and the tool.

We’ve compiled a must-have list for any church using Develop.Me for their annual review process. Below, you’ll find articles and tips for mastering this tool and exceeding the expectations for performance reviews.

Must-Read List

  • Prepping for Annual Reviews This is step-by-step list of ways to prepare for your annual reviews through Develop.Me. In this article, you’ll learn about auditing your current data, building a review timeline, training your leaders, and communicating to your staff.
  • Understanding the Review Phases Your review process may look a little different than ours; spend longer on some parts or less time on others. Here’s an overview of the three phases of performance reviews at Life.Church and what we focus on during each.
  • Understanding the Rating Scale To improve, we must first identify opportunities for growth. The sliding scale and rating system isn’t meant to tear down staff members, but rather pinpoint areas for development. Read about our rating scale here at Life.Church and the language we use when talking to staff about this scale.

There are over a dozen trainings free on the Open Network that help you learn more and maximize growth and development for your church staff through Develop.Me.

Getting Started with Develop.Me

Bonus content! If you want to start using Develop.Me as your performance review tool, yay you! Here’s a great resource to help you roll out Develop.Me in your church.

  • Rolling out Develop.Me  Creating a staff-wide culture of development is a big endeavor that requires planning and organization. If you’re looking to start using this free app in your church, read this article to learn more about rolling out Develop.Me in your church, and visit our website to get started. 

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