How to Make the Christmas Season a Success at Your Church

As we’re heading into the Christmas season, we’re celebrating two things:

  1. Church Online is real church, and lives are being changed through your ministries each week. ?
  2. Many new people will be attending your church this Christmas looking for healing, security, and hope.

Your church has the special opportunity to be a source of light in your community—and you can provide the same warm and welcoming experience through your online ministry that your attenders would enjoy in a physical building.

If this is your first Christmas running services online, our team created a Christmas Online Playbook to help you maximize your online ministry this Christmas. The playbook will help you build a digital strategy for your church—deciding things like how to invite attenders to your online experience, how to engage families, how to equip your volunteers, and much more.

We’re believing in you and praying for you as you share hope this Christmas! And, don’t forget you can find even more Christmas resources at

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