How to Reach More People Online this Christmas

Preparing for Christmas Online

Whether you’re new to online ministry or you’ve been doing it a while, access our list of the top 15 church online resources to help you build a strategy, increase engagement, and lead people to their next steps with Jesus this Christmas.

Christmas Online Playbook

Christmas services online don’t have to be complicated. Download our Christmas Online Playbook and learn how to build a digital strategy for your church this Christmas, decide which platforms to use, how to invite attenders to your online experience, and much more.

Hosting Christmas Online

Church online is more than watching a church service—it’s helping people feel connected to your church and to each other. The Church Online Platform has the unique features you need to interact with attenders, build community, and help hurting people find Jesus, and they’re all included completely free of charge. Learn more about Church Online Platform and launch your online ministry today. 

After you get started, train and equip your volunteer hosts to minister to others by sharing our Church Online Hosts Prayer Guide with them. This guide includes prayer prompts and scriptures that address specific issues your attenders may be facing and emotions they may be feeling. 

If church online isn’t your area of ministry at your church, but you wish your church would explore it, forward this email to the pastor who would want to learn more!

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