How to Recruit Faithful and Successful Small Group Leaders

At the heart of every thriving small group there is a faithful leader. 

Leaders help groups connect, grow, and develop, providing stability and pastoral care. 

To build a flourishing small groups ministry at your church, focus on recruiting and training solid leaders. 

Kayla on our LifeGroups team at Life.Church shares our strategy for recruiting and onboarding small group leaders.

Small Groups Resources

Once you’ve recruited new small group leaders, equip them with powerful videos to use in their groups:


This video uses the book of Ruth to demonstrate God’s endless love for His people. Ask groups to reflect on this video and consider how God continues to bless us even in the midst of chaotic times.


This four-part study will help students explore what it looks like to follow Jesus both online and off.


This four-week small group study for blended families will encourage any family with life-tested ideas, surprising moments, and tangible hope.


Judges is a book of saviors and of judgments. Small groups can watch this video and then discuss how Jesus can save them from their enemies and from God’s judgment.

For a quick two-minute overview on leading a healthy small group ministry, try this post.

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