Watch This New Visual Depiction of Jesus Bring the Gospels to Life

Bring the Gospels to life.

The events of the Bible occurred in a completely different time and place from our modern culture, and it can be hard to envision exactly what happened. That’s why we’re excited to launch our newest partner on Open Network, LUMO

LUMO has created high-quality, historically accurate “visual translations” of the four Gospels that paint an authentic portrait of the life of Christ.

See high-quality visual interpretations.

Find dozens of breathtaking live-action videos designed to engage your attenders with scripture in a very real way—and more than 100 companion images! The videos highlight topics like: 

View and download the full library of visual assets—including high-res images—from these powerful series:

The Crucifixion

Access it now

Miracles of Jesus

Access it now

Jesus Walking on Water

Access it now

Feeding of the 5,000

Access it now

The Resurrection

Access it now

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