Share Your Story

November 28, 2016

“We win when others pastors and church leaders win.”

As the Life.Church Open Network, we’re here to equip and empower you—pastors and church leaders.

But, if you aren’t winning—that is, leading people to Christ—then we haven’t won either.

Help us know if we’re winning by sharing your story with us.

We Run on Stories—and Cookies

Besides Cookie Thursday (yes, we have cookies on Thursdays,) nothing excites our team more than hearing stories of pastors and church leaders winning. Whether they’re tweeted, emailed, or shared through our support sites, your stories encourage us in so many ways.

As we head into the Christmas season, take a few moments to share your story with us.

Has your ministry grown due to content from the Open Network? We wanna know!

Are you more confident as a leader because of our leadership tips or training posts? Tell us!

Have you found success with one of our free apps: Church Metrics, Church Online Platform, or Develop.Me? We’re all ears!

Have the relationships you’ve developed through our online community provided support and wisdom? Let us know!

As you share your story, read these posts from other pastors and church leaders about how the Open Network has impacted their ministry.

"Great leaders do consistently what others do occasionally." - Craig Groeschel

Grow consistently in your leadership.
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