Step One in Easter Prep

Being busy as a pastor isn’t a replacement for being loved as a child of God. As you prepare for Easter, let that truth sink in, and focus on God’s love for you. A love so great, He sent His son Jesus to the cross—for you, for me, and for those we have the honor of reaching this Easter season.

Who you are, not what you do.

In the series Divine Direction, Pastor Craig reminds us that God cares so much more about who we are than what we do. Pastor Craig put it this way: “A pastor is what I do, but it is not who i am. I could be a pastor and still be out of God’s will—if my heart is not right with God.”

Who we are always trumps what we do. This isn’t to say that calling isn’t important. But knowing who we are in Jesus is the foundation for knowing what He wants us to do.

Let’s be intentional this year before we walk into Easter. Spend more time with God, and seek the unique identity He’s given each one of us.

God wants your heart.

Jesus focused a lot on the character and condition of our hearts. Even with their education, training, and position, the Pharisees missed the mark when it came to knowing the heart of Christ. They were more focused on what they should “do” instead of “who” they should be. It was religion, not relationship.

It’s so easy to get caught up in the work that must be done for Easter. After all, there are sermons to preach, songs to prepare, volunteers to lead, invitations to print, etc. Your to-do list will be very long.

Being busy as a pastor isn’t a replacement for being loved as a child of God.

But God wants your heart more than your work. Have you poured it out to Him lately?

In your prayer time, in your Bible time over the next few weeks, ask God these questions:

  • Who do say I am?
  • Who do you want me to become?

When you’re becoming the right ‘who,’ God will help you choose the right ‘do’—and that’s the best, first preparation we can make to kick off the Easter season.

To help with step two in preparing for Easter, we’ve put all our Easter resources together on one page. Here, you’ll find downloadable resources, training, apps, and conversation in community to help you prepare for Easter.

FOMO is real, so don’t take chances.

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