Celebrating Spark and Rock RMS

One of the things we love most here at Life.Church Open Network is seeing collaboration and unity among churches.

We love the idea that we can all cheer for each other and reflect the love of Jesus to the world. 

So we’re excited to announce that Spark Development is the newest strategic mission partner of Life.Church—which means our two ministries share a vision for seeing the “capital C” Church be equipped with ministry tools that help pastors reach more people for Jesus. 

Why do we love Rock RMS?

Rock RMS is a church management system from the team at Spark. The platform offers ChMS tools, digital publishing, communications and engagement features, and more. But, the team chose the name “Rock RMS” because it isn’t just a church management system, it’s a relationship management system. 

One reason we love Rock RMS is because it’s a tool that’s built on community. Rock churches contribute to updates through real-life ministry insights and solutions, and engage in trainings, community chat, an annual conference, and more.

Many churches using Rock RMS support it through recommended donations, but small and new ministries have access to it, too, thanks to the generosity of the community. 

Meet Rock RMS

We love opportunities like this to partner with like-minded non-profit organizations who share our passion for seeing people come to know Christ. We’ve discovered that together we are creating strategic solutions that go far beyond what either of our organizations can build on our own. 

The Rock RMS team is committed to a model of open-source contribution, collaborative community, and generosity—just the kind of spirit we love! 

Learn more about Rock RMS here.

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