The One Thing You Can’t Forget This Easter

With all the logistics you’re working on to make this Easter weekend an excellent experience, there’s one thing you absolutely can’t forget to do: pause.

We know, we know. You have so much to do before Easter weekend: volunteers to schedule, last minute invites to send, decisions to make, follow-up strategies to plan, but one of the best things you can do is spend an hour pausing and reflecting on what this time of year means—for you personally and for those who are far from God.

Take Time to Reflect

Jesus didn’t just die—He defeated death through His resurrection. We have hope and victory because of what we celebrate this weekend. He fulfilled prophecy, gave us eternal life, and carried the burden and weight of our sins.

And we get to share that with others this weekend! People who are broken and lost. Who have no hope and no concept of how anyone could love them—let alone a perfect God who’s crazy about them.

Push the to-do list aside for an hour and open your heart. Thank God for what He did for you. Put on worship music, take a walk and talk to Him, fall on your knees in worship and praise Him for who He is to you.

Then, ask for His help in preparing for your services. Walk through your church and pray for those who will attend. The new families. The children. The ones who are desperate for change. Those who haven’t been to church in years because they felt too ashamed, too apathetic, or have been hurt in the past. Give them over to God and trust Him to move in their lives, just like he has stirred your heart.

Join our Easter Huddle

As you prep for this Easter weekend, we would love to come alongside you, encourage you, and pray for your church.  

Join us for our first-ever online Easter Huddle on Wednesday, April 17 at noon CDT on Facebook and Instagram Live. During this time, we’ll walk through a short devotional, share a couple of messages from our partners like Grow and Hillsong, and pray for Easter services at all of our churches.

Follow us on Facebook and Instagram to be notified when we’re live.

Invite your whole team to attend this huddle—our heart is to build up and encourage you as we celebrate our risen Savior this Easter weekend.

FOMO is real, so don’t take chances.

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