Tracking Church Data Doesn’t Have to Be Difficult

Why does tracking church data seem so difficult at times?

At Life.Church, we’ve asked ourselves this question.

We believe that data has a seat at the table and that it helps us make informed decisions. But, when data lives in multiple locations (text messages, spreadsheets, sticky notes), it’s hard to view it, let alone analyze the trends.

That’s why Life.Church created Church Metrics, a free app built for churches. We knew churches needed a tool that keeps data in one location and allows multiple people to quickly enter and view the stats that really matter to them.

What Pastors Are Saying About Church Metrics

“Church Metrics is the best platform I’ve seen, and it helps us tremendously on a week-in, week-out basis.”
Pastor Chunks Corbett
Elevation Church, Matthews, NC

“Before Church Metrics, we just didn’t see certain things that were happening in our church. Now, I’m able to gather the data we need, observe trends, and make assessments in our church.”
Pastor Fernando Cabrera
New Life Church, Bronx, NY

“I oversee our student ministry for multiple locations, and Church Metrics gives me a glimpse into the health of each location’s student ministry. That data allows me to better lead and pastor the people under my care.”
Pastor Nate Dooley
Church Unlimited, Corpus Christi, TX

If you’re looking for a tool that allows you to enter and instantly view numbers, even during a busy weekend, watch this short video to see Church Metrics in action.



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