Two New #churchonline Features

Two new features released this month are bringing attenders and hosts even more ways to connect.

“This month has been an exciting month for our apps team as we poured some energy into making the Platform a better experience for users—for attenders and chat hosts,” said Greg Gackle, Open Network pastor.

For Hosts

One of the greatest recent enhancements to the app is the Host Workspace, a new view for hosts—church staff and volunteers.

The new workspace features a dedicated chat just for hosts and a side-by-side view so teams can stay engaged with the attender chat and still stay on the same page with their teammates.

We’ve loved hearing the feedback from pastors and church leaders about this feature in our online community.

“Thanks so much for the new Host Workspace! It’s going to make such a difference with building community among our volunteers.” – Tim

“This is HUGE for us! Slide control is so easy with this update and hosts talking amongst themselves within the same Platform is wonderful. This is a game changer for us!” – Josh

If you’d like to learn more about this feature, check out this short overview video or view step-by-step documentation.

For Attenders

More than 1.8 million people attend Church Online through the platform every month, so adding Facebook login is a huge win for churches.

Logging in with Facebook allows attenders to quickly access the chat feature without getting bogged down or turned off by a signup page.

This new feature not only benefits users, but admins and hosts as well. Facebook login will allow hosts to see more information like country and gender so they can better engage with attenders.

Set up the Facebook login feature for your #churchonline experience by following this step-by-step guide.

If you haven’t explored #churchonline for your church, learn more about how you can spread the Gospel online with the free Church Online Platform.


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