Why We Watch Movies at Church, and Free Resources to Get You Started

Lights, camera, church!

If you’re entering a season with traditionally low attendance, we’ve been there. A few years ago at Life.Church, we identified that summer was slow at our campuses. Rather than accept the slump, we tried something new—and it worked! 

At the Movies is our annual summer series at Life.Church that uses popular movies to demonstrate biblical truths—and reach people who normally wouldn’t come to church

During the service, we show clips from popular movies, and Pastor Craig Groeschel bases his message on themes from the films. In our communities, At the Movies has helped us see higher attendance than any other month of the year! 

Try it in your church: find the training, marketing, and graphics assets you need to create your own At the Movies event in your church. 


Browse dozens of graphics packages with the movie-themed resources you need to get your community excited!

Insider Tips

Learn tips and tricks for planning and executing an unforgettable At the Movies experience.

Transformation Ideas

Need some decoration inspiration? Discover ways Life.Church volunteers transform their campuses!

Why We Do It

Hear more about the heart of At the Movies and the impact it could have in your church.

Interested in doing At the Movies in your church? ”Lead up” by bringing a new idea to your pastors and influence the direction of your ministry. 

Want more? We’ve got it! See every At the Movies resource we have available on Open Network!

Due to copyright issues with the movie footage, message videos containing the movie clips themselves are not available on Open Network. If your At the Movies series uses licensed footage or decorations, remember to familiarize yourself with the copyright law in your area.

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