4 Areas to Focus On For Leadership Development and Personal Growth

Whether your desire is to become a better leader, dive deeper into your relationship with God, grow financially, or improve your communication skills, we’re rooting for you. 

And, as you set goals, we have resources and trainings to help you grow in 2021.

Improve Your Communication Skills

If you hope to grow your communication skills this year—on stage, with guests, with your staff, or somewhere else—these resources are for you.

Grow as a Leader

This year, you can become the leader others will want to follow. From leading through a crisis to understanding to building a strong culture to keeping your organization healthy and more, Pastor Craig Groeschel shares ways to have your best year of leadership yet in his leadership podcast.

Gain More Financial Stability 

If your objective this year is to create financial margin for yourself and your church, our friends and resource partner, Ramsey Solutions, offered a free event to help you learn how to break free from debt forever, build better money habits that last, gain small wins right away, and more! Watch the replay on Facebook.

What about your church finances? Learn even more about budgeting and stewarding your finances through this training from Church Multiplication Network. These seven videos share about fundraising, generosity, budgeting for ministry, and more.

Deepen Your Relationship with God

If your desire this year is to grow your personal relationship with God, begin by pursuing Jesus daily

In this video, Pastor James Meehan shares his personal experience with pursuing God and provides some next steps you can take—like the 10/10/10 challenge—to connect with Jesus daily. 

After watching James’ video, reflect on these questions: 

  • Do I seek Jesus as part of my role as a pastor or am I in daily relationship with him? 
  • What needs to change in my routine so I can connect with God daily?

You’ve got this.

No matter which area you’re hoping to grow in this year, rest in this: God stands ready to do more than we can ask, think, or imagine. 

And, with God on your side, who could be against you?

Our team is with you, and we’re really proud of where you already are on your journey to introduce people to the transforming power of Christ.

Now, let’s go out and make 2021 one of the best yet.

P.S. If your goal didn’t make the list, email us at open@life.church and let us know how you’re hoping to grow in 2021.

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