Why Helping People Connect Is So Vital Right Now

Right now, many people are feeling isolated, but God created us to depend on one another and to carry each other’s burdens.

Whether in-person or online, we must be intentional in building relationships and connection, and that’s why helping people connect in your church is so vital right now.

Connect in Small Groups

Small groups offer the necessary space for people to come together to: 

  • Share stories.
  • Build relationships.
  • Grow in faith and wisdom.    

And, there are so many creative ways for this to happen beyond in-person gatherings. 

Small groups can:

  • Gather and connect through social media groups.
  • Enjoy lunch or coffee together virtually.
  • Start a reading plan together on the YouVersion Bible App, and share insights and request prayer.
  • Connect through conversation apps like Marco Polo or GroupMe.

Small Group, Large Connection

While content is only part of the small group experience, we recognize that it’s an important part. Our partners have resources to help small group leaders facilitate conversations and strengthen connection.

Bible Project

A crowd-funded animation studio, Bible Project uses cleverly designed videos and first-rate narration to unpack biblical concepts. They have tons of videos for small groups that can be used in almost any setting.

Empowered Homes

Empowered Homes offers resources, like devotionals, prayer guides, and in-depth studies of books of the Bible, to help families grow and flourish.

Dare 2 Share

Dare 2 Share helps students and adults share their faith and advance the Gospel. If your small groups are looking to grow in evangelism, download their “Life In 6 Words” package. Or, get their “pandemic-proof” resource—You Can’t Quarantine the Gospel—to connect youth groups online and mobilize them to reach their friends with the message of Jesus.

Spoken Gospel

Spoken Gospel provides videos to foster Bible engagement. Their small groups resource page is packed with insightful and creative videos providing a rich overview of different books of the Bible.

“You’ve Heard It Said” Podcast

Life.Church recently launched a new podcast devoted to creating connections through small groups. The “You’ve Heard It Said” podcast provides an easy way for small group leaders to share content withtheir groups.

Small group members can listen to the podcast prior to gathering—physically or digitally—and then discuss the content with the group.

Coupled with the podcast are downloadable conversation guides for each episode. Your church can download the guides and send them to small group leaders to use as a tool for directing conversation. 

You can help your attenders stay connected and focused on growing deeper in their faith—with each other! Search our entire catalog of small groups resources and discover men’s and women’s studies, marriage studies, and more on Open Network. 

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