You’ll ❤ This New Church Online Feature

Online ministry is all about using technology to reach people right where they are. And while the Church Online Platform makes it easy to watch a message and engage with others via chat, sometimes people aren’t ready to connect via chat just yet.

Going from watching church to engaging in church via chat can be a big leap for some, so we wanted to create an easy way for attenders to engage with the message content.

Introducing Reactions

The new Church Online Platform Reactions feature allows attenders to respond to the online experience by “hearting” any part of the service that they love. Similar to reaction features on social media, Reactions allows attenders to engage with low effort and low risk—  there’s no need to log in and provide personal information.

The best part? The flutter of hearts across the experience helps attenders feel they’re part of something bigger than themselves. The colorful hearts make the passion and engagement of people around the world come to life, and Reactions helps lead new attenders toward online engagement and community.

Try It, You’ll ❤ It

The Reactions feature is live inside the platform—create a new event, check the Reactions toggle is set to ‘on,’ and experience the feature yourself. Simply click the heart on the video viewer, that’s it! If your church doesn’t have a #churchonline experience yet, see Reactions in action at

The Reactions feature also sets the stage for an analytics panel that will show when the most engaging points in an online experience occurred—something we’ll tackle in a future update.

Learn more about how Reactions works on our support page, and tweet us at @coplatform to let us know what you think about the new feature!

The Church Online Platform removes the barrier of technology to allow any church to do online ministry. Learn more about this free app from Life.Church at

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