4 Questions You Need to Ask to Make Easter Online a Success

Easter is almost here. 

What an amazing feeling knowing that thousands of churches like yours will be holding in-person and online services to share the hope we have because of Jesus’ burial and resurrection. 

As you prepare for your services, we’re highlighting ways you can use features in the Church Online Platform to engage with attenders and lead them to spiritual next steps.

Feature Cheat Sheet

“How do I…?”

We hear this question a lot when it comes to ministry online. To help, we’ve compiled a “Feature Cheat Sheet” to help you discover which feature helps you accomplish your church online goals.

“How do I know who is attending our service?”

The Church Online Platform was born out of the strong passion to reach people who don’t know Jesus. This is why your attenders can come and be anonymous while they check out your service. But in order for you to help people take the next step in their spiritual journey, you need to be able to know who is attending.

Best Practice:

The best way to see who is attending your service is to encourage your attenders to create accounts at your church online instance. This gives your church the opportunity to know who’s attending and allows you to follow up with them via email.

Quick Tips:

  • If your church has an app, allow your online audience to check in via your app.
  • Do a quick roll call in the chat before service starts. Your pastor or stage communicator can ask the online audience to type their name or location into the chat before the service begins. 
  • Use the Connect Moment and ask attenders to complete a quick form to let your church know about their experience. 

“How do I follow up with online attenders, including new guests?”

There are many ways to follow up with your online attenders. First, you need to know who they are by encouraging them to create an account. Once they’ve created an account, you’ll be able to follow up with them via email.

Best Practice:

There are two features that allow you to follow up with attenders: Export Users and Webhooks. Learn more about each feature to determine which is the best fit for how you hope to connect with your audience. 

You can also follow up with attenders who engage with the Salvation Moment, Give Moment, and Connect Moment. 

Quick Tips:

  • If you know you’ll have a large number of new attenders, encourage them to create an account with your church or complete a connection card via the Connect Moment
  • If your church provides a welcome gift to new guests, brainstorm ways you can do something similar online.
  • As you follow up, try new ways to connect. Below are a few ways you can follow up with online attenders.

“How should I be using the chat?”

This is such a great question! Many people underestimate the power of chat during an online service, but the Chat Feature allows people to easily ask questions, get guidance, and connect with others. Chat is a great way to start helping people feel welcome and build connection to your church. 

Best Practice:

One of the best ways to use chat is to equip your church staff or volunteer leaders to engage with attenders during the service. Hosts can serve three main purposes in your service: welcome people, discuss the sermon, and pray with attenders. Learn more about the power of Hosts in this free PDF.

Chat is also the place where Moments—calls-to-action during the service—live. Like chat, Moments help your attenders engage with the service and connect with your church.

Quick Tips:

  • Equip your Hosts to welcome and engage attenders in the chat. Provide chat prompts they can use to engage attenders in conversation and build rapport. 
  • Use Moments, especially those that increase engagement most, like the Response Moment.

“How do I encourage online attenders to connect with our church?”

The biggest way to encourage attenders to connect with your church is to let them know that you’re for them and you’re there to help them grow in their relationship with Christ.

Communicate what you have and how it can help, and then provide a way for them to get access to those resources. 

Quick Tip:

Best Practices for Moments

Leading people to next steps online is why we created Moments—calls-to-action that appear in the chat and help your attenders take action.

In this video, our team talks about Moments—how they work and best practices for using them. We encourage you to try them out for your Easter services as you help people take next steps in their faith.

Looking for more resources? Access our Level Up Your Online Ministry videos, checklists, and PDFs–all free. 

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