Celebrating 250,000,000 Bible Downloads

December 6, 2016

The YouVersion Bible App has now been installed on a quarter of a billion unique devices. Yep, that’s billion. With a ‘B.’

Let that sink in for a moment. The Word of God is available 24/7 through 250,000,000 million devices worldwide.

This isn’t a golf clap moment. This is a time to rally the troops and follow momentum! As pastors and church leaders, let’s lean in and do even more to help our attenders engage in God’s Word.

Two Ways You Can Use the Bible App in Your Church

We know God’s Word changes everything. Everything. We also know that many people struggle to engage in God’s Word—to tap into this source of life-giving power and strength.

It’s our job as spiritual leaders to encourage our attenders to read their Bibles and engage in scripture. And, it goes without saying, we MUST be setting the example in our church.

Here are a few ways you can use the Bible App in your church to point attenders to God’s Word.

  1. Read scripture together. Encourage your attenders to read the Bible alongside you and your team. Choose a reading plan for your whole church to read together. Talk about this plan from stage, in the bulletin, on social media, digital signage, and any other promotional avenues.Be sure to talk about the difference God’s Word has made in your life. Let your church know of any struggle you have in making reading the Bible a priority. They’ll respect and appreciate your honesty.And lastly, celebrate their participation. We have a saying at Life.Church “What gets rewarded, gets repeated.” Communicate how much you appreciate their participation and share stories from your church.
  2. Use YouVersion Events. Did you know that you can have your own content in the Bible App, too? With YouVersion Events, your church can add its own message outlines, announcements, links to online giving, and whatever else you need to communicate to your attenders—100% free.Learn how you can cut printing costs (can you say online bulletin?) and point people to dig deeper into scripture with YouVersion Events.



Even more reasons to celebrate

Before we end this post, let’s continue to celebrate what God is doing through the YouVersion Bible App!

Here are even more awesomes stats:


Celebrate with YouVersion

YouVersion’s 250 million celebration is a terrific opportunity for you to introduce new people to the Bible App! Spread the good news by visiting bible.com/250million. You’ll find some interesting statistics and inspiring graphics to share on social media.

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