The Greatest Threat to Success

What’s the greatest threat to future success? Current success.

Think about it: If you believe that what you’ve always done will always work, you’ll eventually get left behind.

Change is inevitable, and as leaders, we have to adapt and lead our teams to adapt, too.  If you’re not ready to embrace change, you’re not ready to lead.

There are only two occasions when people change:

  1. When they want to change
  2. When they have to change

Most people don’t change until they have to change. But to be an effective leader, you have to get your team to want to change. To do this, focus on leading with the why before the what. Tell them why you’re doing something before telling them what you’re doing. Think about it like this:

People will work for a what, but they will give their lives for a why.

For pastors and church leaders, our why is pretty significant—it impacts someone’s eternity. As followers of Jesus, we’re perpetually changing because God wants to conform us into the image of Christ. We’re being transformed.

If you want to start leading change, here are three questions to ask yourself and your staff:

  1. What is changing around us, and what do we need to learn from it?
  2. If someone else replaced us today, what’s the first thing they would change?
  3. What have we been tolerating that needs to be changed?

Help lead your team to embrace change by using this downloadable PDF during an upcoming team meeting.

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