Look What You’ve Done with 10 Million Downloads

Dust off your party hat and get ready to ? ? ?

Since launching the Open Network in 2006, over 10 million resources have been downloaded by you—pastors and church leaders.

Ten million is a big number, but the impact is what we’re really celebrating as you’ve led people to become fully devoted followers of Christ.

Watch this video to see how free resources have empowered you to do ministry in your church.

Because of Free Resources…

  • “I am a better communicator, and our church grew by 300%.”
  • “I planted a church in a city where 70% of people don’t go to church.”
  • “Our church broke 100 in attendance.”
  • “Children as young as two are memorizing scripture because of the Bible App for Kids Curriculum.”

As part of the Open Network, this is your story and your celebration, too. Together, we’re strengthening the church, shining the light of Jesus in a dark world. As the world gets darker, our light shines brighter.

How You Can Celebrate

Believe or not, many pastors and church leaders don’t know that free resources exist through the Open Network. They’re stressed each week, lacking resources, time, inspiration, or money to do the work God’s called them to do.

But, you can help. Let others know how they can join the Open Network and gain access to free ministry resources.

  1. Change your profile picture. Update your Facebook profile picture via mobile using our ’10 million resources’ frame to raise awareness for free resources. Or click here on desktop and search “Open Network” to add your custom frame.
  2. Share our 10 million free resources video. Spread the world about free resources and celebrate this milestone through this video.
  3. Tell a friend. Chances are, you know other pastors and church leaders. Tell them about the Open Network. Send a text, make a phone call, or grab coffee and collaborate and encourage each other.

We’re excited to celebrate what you’ve been able to accomplish with the help of free resources, and we can’t wait to continue to work together to reach even more people for Christ!


FOMO is real, so don’t take chances.

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