Bible App for Kids: “Easy, Effective, and Free!”

For Jennifer S. of Liberty Church in Foley, Alabama, the free Bible App for Kids Curriculum exceeded her expectations—expectations that were pretty high.

Jennifer has a master’s degree in Early Childhood Education, and has worked in that industry for 20 years. “I know best practices and how kiddos develop,” said told our team.

Repetition is Key

“I love that this curriculum focuses on only one Bible story for the entire month because kids learn best through repetition. I’m amazed at how quickly the children learn the lesson and teach it to their parents and siblings.” Jennifer added.



Jennifer admits repetition wasn’t a selling point for her volunteers when they first heard about the curriculum.

“Our volunteers were initially concerned that the kids would get bored, but that worry quickly faded. The kids love the consistency and feel so smart when they can tell the volunteers what will happen next or answer their questions.”

What 18 Months of Research Revealed

When developing the Bible App for Kids Curriculum, our team at Life.Church spent 18 months researching how kids learned best and structured the content based on shows like “Blue’s Clues” and “Dora the Explorer.” Learn more about that research.

“The first week we switched to the Bible App for Kids Curriculum, a staff member sent me a video of his daughter repeating her memory verse from class: Joshua 1:9. Her dad was blown away that in only two days, she retained the verse and hand motions.”

It wasn’t just staff who shared excitement about the new curriculum. Parents were quick to call or text Jennifer, too, to share what their kids were learning.

“One week, a parent called to share a story with me. He told me that he was arguing with his four-year old about a specific detail in a Bible story. His daughter was adamant she was right, so finally the dad gave in, opened his YouVersion Bible App and read the scriptures himself. His four-year old was right! He realized he needed to read his Bible more just to keep up with his preschooler!”

Partnering with Parents

As pastors and church leaders, we only have one hour per week to pour into the life of a child, but their parents have the remaining 167 hours to teach, encourage, and instruct them. Part of our goal with the Bible App for Kids is to equip parents with resources, like the free coordinating Bible App for Kids, to instruct their children at home.



“The parents and children at our church enjoy having access to the Bible stories through the app. This makes it so easy for the parents to reinforce the Sunday school lessons at home or on-the-go.” Jennifer said.

Less Prep Time

Besides the structure of the curriculum, Jennifer said the time and energy it takes to get ready for class is minimal.

“The previous curriculum I used would take me at least four hours of prep time each week. I work full-time outside of the church, too, so this left me exhausted by the time Sunday rolled around.”

“Preparation with the Bible App for Kids in so easy and fast! I don’t have to prepare for a bunch of crafts that waste money and time. Everything is developmentally appropriate, strategic, and serves a specific purpose for the lesson. I love that this curriculum is easy, effective, and free!”

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Thanks for sharing your story with us, Jennifer! We love that the Bible App for Kids app and curriculum are changing kids’ lives in Foley, Alabama!

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